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Pathway Through Grief ~Crossing The Emotional Abyss self - directed video coaching program

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, closeup and outdoorWorking with Brett I have unlocked and rediscovered channels of strength and creativity in myself that have been deeply hidden for so long I didn’t think they could exist anymore.

Tools Brett has taught me are helping me to take each day as it comes, to manage my stress and emotions in healthier ways and to dream bigger and brighter than I have before.

Thanks Brett, for your listening ears and for sharing your wisdom!  

 Jessica Farnes

You can FINALLY have peace, happiness and joy after loss.  


When you get the Pathway Through Grief self - directed video coaching program you will begin to quickly obtain...

          ~ A clear path to hope, happiness, and life across the Emotional Abyss.

     ~ Peace of mind and heart that your

  • going to be well,
    • that you are fine, and that
      • your life will be better than it feels right now.

     ~ Clarity to what you loss is and why it is making such a huge impact on your life.

     ~ Understanding of why you are having brain fog, cycles of depression and joy, and sometimes just want to sleep.   

All of this is what you will gain when you watch the 5 recorded Pathway Through Grief coaching sessions and complete the action guides.

When you enroll in the Pathway Through Grief video coaching program

you will receive –

~ Access to the downloadable Pathway Through Grief coaching webinars.   5 total.   

Archpathway Mod 1Module 1.   Identifying the loss

What are the 4 areas of loss and ho do they impact us. How are you currently experiencing loss? What losses have you not fully become a loss manager for? Understanding the 2 pathways to loss.



Archpathway mod 2Module 2.  Denial and Bargaining

"Have I lost my mind?" When the logic brain turns off.  What it really means to bargain and why we never cut the cord. How denial is actually good and part of a logical process of survival. Effective ways to interact when talking to someone in denial and  bargaining.  



Archpathway Mod 3Module 3.  Crossing the Abyss

What real emotions are and why we avoid them.  Why damming the emotional flow leads top emotional and metal distress.  The difference between internalized and externalized emotion.    How to identify what is in the Emotional Abyss and how to clear it out.  



Archpathway Mod 4Module 4. Acceptance of Life With Loss Memorializing and accepting.  When the snow globe finally settle - now what? Why routines and time are so important. What it means to "accept" our Life With Loss          



Archpathway Complicated5. When Grief Gets Complicated

  How to recognize and stop the bi-polar bargaining that halts movement on the Pathway.   What to do if someone you love is caught in Complicated Grief.  Why Complicated Grief looks so much like mental and emotional disorders. 


You also receive with each module

~ A PDF Personal Pathway Guidebook. Each of the 5 coaching sessions will have a PDF downloadable Pathway Guidebook to help you identify and process your personal grief experience. 

 Bonus 1 ~ 

~ Access to a Pathway Facebook group where others interact and answer your questions.

 AND Special 2 ~

2 Months FREE access to the Loss Managers Hangout members only coaching program.

1 monthly group coaching call with Brett.  A Monthly Newsletter, Secret members only Facebook group where Brett engages daily.  

This program entitles you to - 

                      ~  Lifetime access to the 4+1 part coaching series and

                      ~  Personal grieving guidebooks ($197.00 value)

                      ~  the private Pathway Group on Facebook  and online forums

                      ~  2 months** trial membership in the Loss Managers Hangout.  ($98.00 value)                    


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