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Grief is like a bungee Jump


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One client described the grief experience after the death of a child like bungee jumping.

He said there was this surreal free-fall where everything was in slow motion and yet whooshing by.

If he opened his eyes all he could see was the open abyss below rushing toward him - or him to it.
when the holidays and anniversary times come around, it can make it even harder.

Then came the sudden jerk, and as the awareness hit ~ he was yanked back into reality only to bounce up and down in total and complete helplessness, dangling just a few feet above the floor of the abyss he had just been launch toward.

Unlike the smooth straight-line Stages or Tasks notions of grieving, grief is full of Ups and Downs, Forwards and Back, and revisiting “dealt with” emotions until you are finally able to regain your footing on solid ground.

If that is you, I totally understand and I promise you, there is peace when it all settles down.

Read on as I share with you some tools and ideas that will help you gain control of that free-fall.

Sometimes in the middle of the chaos, just sitting there and letting it all settle is the best thing we can do.

Finding your solid ground and slowing the turbulence is on your terms and your time-line - as long as you are moving forward.

There is no rule, law, or theory that specifies that after 3 weeks, two months, or ??? amount of time you will be or "should be over it".

Sometimes the best "stage" of grief ~ is the one where you sit and have a good cry, or the one where you scream and yell because that is what you feel inside.

My favorite “stage” is to drop the top on my car, turn up the music and drive while the wind seems to peel away the pain and loneliness.

The Grief Personality Inventory and Good Grief - Really coaching session I have created will help you identify what your current "stage" is and begin to process the chaos in the Emotional Abyss swirling inside.

There is no prescribed way, only a common path that we are all on in one way or another.

The end of the path really does lead to a new life.

A life-with-loss as a loss-manager.

You don't have to do anything, or take anything away.

Members of the Pathways Through Grief coaching programand groups, all understand -

Happiness and Joy do come as you cross the emotional abyss.

With deepest regards,


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