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Pathway Through Grief - LIVE


8 Week Live coaching group PLUS Self Directed Modules


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Brett has a true sense of what is takes to guide and help people. I have worked with him on several occasions on a personal basis. I find him to have integrity above reproach and well as an honest and trustworthy individual.


David "Lane" Anglesey
Anglesey Insurance Agency, LLC/Farmers Insurance Group

Moving along the Pathway Through Grief should not be done alone.
We all need someone to mourn with us, and to comfort us. More than that...
We all need someone who has traveled the Pathway to walk along with us and assist us across the Emotional Abyss. 
Pathway Through Grief - LIVE gives you personal access to Brett and others on the Pathway Through Grief in 8 live video coaching sessions. 
Each week you will join a LIVE group coaching session either by phone or the internet. On these calls, Brett will discuss an aspect of the Pathway and participants will have the ability to ask questions and give support to others. This personal access to support and counsel will accelerate your becoming a Loss Manager and finding peace, joy, and happiness.
What do you receive in the Pathway Through Grief - LIVE
You will receive a new sense of hope and happiness that comes when you understand the Pathway Through Grief and have a guide to help you along it. 
To do this you receive...
All 6 modules of the Pathway Through Grief Self-Directed program - and the inculded bonuses. See them HERE            ($497 value)
8 Live sessions. You will be sent a weekly access code to join Brett and the other members of the Live program for a group Q/A session to assist you on your Pathway.                                                                                    ($1497) 
ALSO, you will be invited to join the secret Facebook group where only those Pathway members who have participated in the LIVE sessions can associate, and support each other.           
Why a secret Facebook group? Because grief does not happen when we want it too, and it is good to have a community to go and post your thought to, read their comments, and to get close to real time advice and support.
PLUS - Brett will be active in this group throughout the day and into the evening.                 
Every coaching session is recorded and you will have access to your sessions forever. You can return to it at anytime and review the insights shared.                                                                                                 (priceless)
BONUS - All Pathway LIVE members will have one (1) one to one session with Brett during their 8 weeks. This one hour session will greatly increase your progress along the Pathway and is a $150 value.  (this is in addition to the 30 minute consultation you receive with the Pathway Program)
Lets walk the Pathway Together.
Pathway Through Grief - LIVE
8 week coaching group and Facebook community
Complete Pathway Through Grief Self-directed program.

(already have the self-directed program? CLICK HERE)
$894 (over $2400 value) 
One time investment or convenient 3 pay.