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"Will I ever be happy again?"


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Happiness and joy can be felt by anyone after loss. Joy that does not have to be only a dream.

By stepping into the Pathway Through Grief, you too will be saying "Good Grief - Really!?"

You do not have to be stuck in a stage, or feel repeated anger.

You can find you way past the Emotional Abyss and when you do, you are free from the sorrow and the pain. 

I have seen it many times with my clients and Pathway members. 

"Brett shared with me the first truly helpful advice and guidance I received on the subject, and it made all the difference.  He explained grief in a way I had not encountered before, and one that I found mirrored the experiences I was having."  Marjanna M. Hulet, M.A.  ERP Training Coordinator


"Why does no one understand what I’m feeling? I am so tired and just want to be able to sleep.”

“Good Grief - Really!? I thought I would feel anger and move on to acceptance. Is't that how grief works?" 

So many of us struggle every day to find the joy and the happiness that is ours to have. 

Many people around us, people we would like support from, are also mistaken about what loss is, how grief works, and what to do to help you. It can leave you feeling very alone.

So many times we just want someone who can sit with us, be with us, and just feel with us, without needing to take it away or wondering “when will you be over this?”

Once we learn how to mourn with those who mourn, we can comfort those in need of comfort. 


When you experience a loss, it can feel like the whole bottom has fallen out of your world.  With the right tools, you will discover the secret to a life of happiness after loss.

It's hard. At one minute you want to climb in a shell, and the next you are angry, and full of emotion. It can be emotionally and physically exhausting. 

Not only are you in commotion inside, but outside the world can feel like it's spinning and there is no way off. Everything you ever thought you knew about loss and how to get through it don't seem to work anymore. 

That is why I have created Pathway Through Grief and I am glad that you are here. 

It is possible to find joy and peace again in life, after loss.

The Good Grief - Really! eBook can help. Read more to discover your Pathway Through Grief

The impact of society’s misconception of grief, is trapping us in a state of perpetual and continual grief. Too many believe you must “stuff the emotions in the shoe” (as a client once said), and “suck it up, get over it, and move on”. Right?

Good Grief! WRONG!

Life does return after loss, and so does the joy, peace, and happiness that you long for.

AND, it can happen faster than you thought.

When you say “Good Grief - Really!? you are saying that the way we have been taught to grieve is broken.

     You are realizing that there must be more.

     You are asking "am I going to be okay?" "Will I feel peace again?" 'How did this happen?"


“Brett, why do I keep feeling anger and emotions? I thought I was through that stage and that I was about to find acceptance and move on. When I close my eyes, I just feel it all over again. I feel lied to about how this works.”

If you are anything like my clients who have uttered something similar, you know how frustrating life after loss can be, and how lost you can feel.

As a therapist, I have seen this frustration and prolonged grief create distress, worry, and lost happiness in far too many people. It does not need to be you.

For too long, media and pop culture have created this false idea that we easily move through 5 distinct stages of grief and then we are all better. Even many grief professionals are trapped in the stages idea.

If that is you, and you are ready to move past the stages, and find real relief, join me on the Pathway Through Grief. Scroll down and get Good Grief - Really!



"I have known Brett for a number of years. He has an unusually keen grasp on the needs of his clients and students. Specifically, I can honestly say he is the only grief leader to create immediate access for the guide to one in the grieving process." Craig Barnes Funeral Director at Wilks Funeral Home


The experience of grief is anything but a straight path with steps and stages with never a back step.

To help you find joy again - I have written the eBook Good Grief - Really!?  I want you to have it.

In Good Grief - Really!? you discover that ~

  • You are probably doing better than you thought.
  • There is no timeline or right way.
  • If you slip “backwards” to a place you’ve been, it is very natural and expected.
  • Being at peace one day and collapsing into depression or rage the next is not a sign of failure. It is a natural part of working through the emotions of loss and finding safety and peace.

In Good Grief - Really!!? I give you a foundation to begin you journey along the path.

When you understand what grief is and how you really move to a place of acceptance, you instantly find hope.

With the activities and the information you are ready to begin moving toward a life after loss.

When you step onto your Pathway, you will find peace that seemed so distant.


To help you avoid this trap, I am giving you my eBook Good Grief - Really!!? totally FREE so that you can begin to move along the Pathway Through Grief and become a Loss Manager.

Not only do you get the eBook, but you will receive a link to the Personal Grief Inventory. Complete the inventory and discover how well you are doing on your Pathway Through Grief. 

Evaluate your own level of grief and discover in our free eBook how to find good grief - really!

Discovering how the loss is impacting you, and your Pathway is key to moving forward. That is exactly what you gain with Good Grief - Really!?

You learn that being in denial is not a bad thing and that it actually helps you move through the loss faster. You discover how to use bargaining to slow the rollercoaster so you can make sense of it all. You learn about the 4 types of loss and how you are probably experiencing them all at the same time. You will understand how to cross the Emotional Abyss with less pain and fear. Finally, You will learn what it really means to find acceptance of the loss.

Don’t wait another day Get Good Grief - Really!? NOW

With deepest regards,