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 Finding peace and Life After Loss
is possible and faster than you might think.

In less than 6 weeks*
you can have PEACE, HAPPINESS, and JOY 
after loss.

on the Pathway Through Grief




Pathway Through Grief ~
Crossing The Emotional Abyss

in just 6 weeks (or less)* 



"Will I ever be happy again? Will the emptiness ever end?”grief holiday (copy)

Maybe you’ve had similar thoughts. 

That was how the session started.

With an emotional client dealing with the loss of her father ~ and the hopes and dreams that go with him.

She just sat across the room from me and just cried.

BUT...she was not crying over the loss of the father . . . 

She was feeling betrayed by the popular theory that tells us that there are  5 distinct “stages” to grief

She had read the books and watched the videos.

Friends, professionals and clergy all told her she would advance along 5 stages.

She knew she was supposed to move step by step through a distinct stage and then arrive at acceptance. But she felt stuck. Worse than that - she felt like she was failing at grieving. 

This myth and misconception of 5 distinct and orderly stages has caused more grief then ever intended.  

The false notion of a smooth, fluid, step by stage process really had this woman (maybe you) in an emotional and mental mess. 

The most unfortunate part of the whole thing, is that

there is no need to be stuck!

Joy, Happiness, Hope, Healing, Transition, and Life with the loss are possible fast when you discover YOUR Pathway Through Grief and forget about stages or tasks. 


Discovering YOUR Pathway Through Grief Is The Key

When you enter the Pathway Through Grief you will quickly ...

     ~ Understand about how grieving really works AND no one has ever told you!

     ~ know Why the 5 stages do not bring relief

     ~ Find a clear path to HOPE, HAPPINESS, and LIFE across the Emotional Abyss.

     ~ gain Peace of mind and heart that you are

  • going to be well,
    • that you are fine, and that
      • your life will be better than it feels right now.

     ~ have Clarity to why YOUR loss is making such a huge impact on your life.

     ~ END the brain fog, cycles of depression and joy, and desire to just sleep.   

     YES! I am ready for this. 
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In addition to the 6 weeks Live calls with Brett,

As a member of Pathway Through Grief Accelerated Coaching group

you will receive


~ Access to the downloadable Pathway Through Grief coaching webinars.   6 total.   


Good Grief - Really!

ArchpathwaySess1Good Grief - Really is the introductory overview of the Pathway Through Grief.
Discover what Grief is, and what it is not.
Why the 5 stages fail to bring relief.
What you can do to begin finding Joy NOW. 


Module 1.   Identifying the loss

Archpathway Mod 1What are the 4 areas of loss and ho do they impact us.
How are you currently experiencing loss?
What losses have you not fully become a loss manager for?
Understanding the 2 pathways of loss.



Module 2.  Denial and Bargaining

Archpathway mod 2"Have I lost my mind?" When the logic brain turns off. 
 What it really means to bargain and why we never cut the cord.
 How denial is actually good and part of a logical process of survival.
 Effective ways to interact when talking to someone in denial and


Module 3.  Crossing the Abyss

Archpathway Mod 3What real emotions are and why we avoid them.
Why damming the emotional flow leads top emotional and mental distress.
The difference between internalized and externalized emotion.
How to identify what is in the Emotional Abyss and how to clear it                          out. 


Module 4. Acceptance of Life With Loss

Archpathway Mod 4     Memorializing and accepting.  
     When the snow globe finally settle - now what?
     Why routines and time are so important. 
     What it means to "accept" our Life With Loss


Module 5. When Grief Gets Complicated

Archpathway ComplicatedHow to recognize and stop the bi-polar bargaining that halts movement on the Pathway. 
What to do if someone you love is caught in Complicated Grief.
Why Complicated Grief looks so much like mental and emotional disorders. 


 You also receive with each module

~ A PDF Personal Pathway Guidebook  
Each of the 5 coaching sessions will have a PDF downloadable Pathway Guidebook to
     help you identify and process your personal grief experience. 

Bonus 2  - 

~ Access to a Private Facebook group JUST FOR LIVE participants
where Brett interacts and answers your questions.

Special Bonus 3  - 

~ 2 months* membership in Loss Managers Hangout
Members only coaching group.
Monthly coaching call.  
Special Loss Managers Only group.

You will also recieve the previous bunuses - The Tools At 2:00A.M. and the Personal Grief Inventory


This program entitles you to - 

                ~  Six  Live Pathway Accelerator coaching sessions  ($500.00 value)

                ~ Lifetime access to the 6 part coaching series and guidebooks ($167.00 value)

                        ~  Unlimited access to the live coaching call recordings

                ~  the private Pathway Group on Facebook

                ~  2 months** membership in Loss Managers Hangout ($98.00 value)

                ~  Unlimited repeat attendance in the Live coaching session ($250.00                          value/per time as space is available) 


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