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Don't miss this ONE TIME ONLY chance to get the Good Grief - Really! coaching session for such a great investment. 

Normally only part of the complete Pathway Through Grief program, Good Grief - Really! is a fanstastic way to jumpstart your Lifwe After Loss.   

In this program you will receive...ggr_package_1100.png

~ A clear path to hope, happiness, and life across the Emotional Abyss.

~ Peace of mind and heart

~ knowledge that you are fine, and

~ that life will be better than it feels right now.

~ Clarity to what your loss is and why it is making such a huge impact on your life.

~ Understanding of why you are having brain fog, cycles of depression and joy,  and sometimes just want to sleep.   

This self-directed coaching session helps you find the peace you are seeking and the balance you desire after loss. Each session in the program teaches you how to move faster through the Pathway and to find peace right where you are. 

Just complete the form below and you will be sent the eBook, access to the Personal Grief Inventory and the Good Grief - Really! coaching program. 


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Nick Burton.jpg"Brett has helped me through some long repressed emotions that were holding me back. My businesses were growing rapidly, but I had gone two years without grieving the death of my dad after a drowning accident while we were together with my 8 year old daughter. I had spent so much effort into making sure she was mentally ok that I did not help myself and just threw myself at work. That bottling up of emotions came to an impasse many months later and it was a rough wall to get over. With Brett's help, knowledge of the process I was going through, and also understanding the hardships entrepreneurs go through was the only way I was able to get through that stage of my life."
- Nick Burton,