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The holidays can be a very difficult time for families who have have suffered the loss of a loved one.
The popularized theory of a fluid step-by-step process to grief and loss has many under the false idea that when you are "done" with one stage, you move on to the next, until you are one day – done.
"Will I ever be happy again?"
Brett|Pathway|Nov 17
That was how the session started. As an emotional client dealing with the loss of her father and the hopes and dreams that went with him, just sat across the room from me and just cried.
Grief Is Like A Bungee Jump
Brett|Pathway|Oct 17
One client described the grief experience after the death of a child like bungee jumping. He said there was this surreal free-fall where everything was in slow motion and yet whooshing by. If he opened his eyes all he could see was the open abyss below rushing toward him - or him to it.
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- Understanding about how grieving really works and what no one has ever told you!

- Why the '5 stages of grief' do not bring relief

- A clear path to hope, happiness, and life as you cross the Emotional Abyss.

- Peace of mind, knowing that you are

  • going to be well,
    • that you are fine, and that
      • your life will be better than it feels right now.

- Clarity to what your loss is and why it is making such a huge impact on your life.

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  • "Brett has helped me through some long repressed emotions that were holding me back. My businesses were growing rapidly, but I had gone two years without grieving the death of my dad after a drowning accident while we were together with my 8 year old daughter. I had spent so much effort into making sure she was mentally ok that I did not help myself and just threw myself at work. That bottling up of emotions came to an impasse many months later and it was a rough wall to get over. With Brett's help, knowledge of the process I was going through, and also understanding the hardships entrepreneurs go through was the only way I was able to get through that stage of my life."
    - Nick Burton,
  • “Thank you for teaching me about the real process of grief. I was able to mourn with a co-worker. It was great to not feel lost. I knew what to say and how to help her. It felt really nice. It has also helped me understand what was happening for my wife when her grandmother died. Thank you.”
    - Dan Deakin
  • “[Brett] is the only grief leader to create immediate access for the guide to one in the grieving process. He avails himself through his services any time of the day by utilizing his well-designed modules. I find his insight refreshing, his interactions enlightening and am honored to know him as a colleague, neighbor and friend.”
    - Craig Barnes, Funeral Director at Wilks Funeral Home
  • “Working with Brett I have unlocked and rediscovered channels of strength and creativity in myself that have been deeply hidden for so long I didn’t think they could exist anymore. The tools Brett has taught me are helping me to take each day as it comes, to manage my stress and emotions in healthier ways and to dream bigger and brighter than I have before. Thanks Brett, for your listening ears and for sharing your wisdom!”
    - Jessica Farnes, Mentor and Health Coach
  • “Brett Judd has a great ability to see things that others might miss and have a way to explain and train that information in a way that is understandable to those in attendance. I appreciate his passion for looking out of the box for solutions that can be more efficient and effective than the status quo. I would highly recommend Brett and his work.”
    - Lawrence Sudweeks, Manager at Aspire Properties LLC
  • “I was very close to my father, and when he unexpectedly passed away, I was devastated. I was completely unprepared for the pain his passing brought to my life. Brett shared with me the first truly helpful advice and guidance I received on the subject, and it made all the difference. He explained grief in a way I had not encountered before, and one that I found mirrored the experiences I was having. I learned to honor my grief rather than fight it, and to stop viewing grief as a set journey with predictable stops along the way. This program has made all the difference in helping me return to my life and find joy again.
    - Marjanna M. Hulet, M.A., ERP Training Coordinator
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